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David Gibb

Family Jukebox

Gig for kids

Thurs 25th August, Darwen Market Square

Fri 26th August, Blackburn Market Hub

Adam Blake

Adventure Walks

Adventure storytelling

Mon 22nd August, Darwen Market Hub

Wed 24th August, Blackburn Market Hub

Dominic Berry

Dommy B’s Greatest Hits

Poems, stories and kids comedy

Fri 19th Aug, Darwen Market Hub

Sat 20th Aug, Blackburn Market Hub

Same Difference Arts

The Wonky Olympics

Indoor/outdoor PE games

Fri 12th August, Darwen Market Hub

Sat 13th August, Blackburn Market Hub

Spot On Spring 2022

Latest edition available now

At Home Magazine: Summer 21

Latest edition available now

Fat Roland

The Sweet Spot

Flash fiction

episode 1 available now

Sarah-Clare Conlon

The Wild

Flash fiction

episode 2 available now

David Gaffney

The History Brush

Flash fiction

episode 3 available now

Tania Hershman

Get Gone

Flash fiction

episode 4 available now

Tom Jenks

The Area Manager

Flash fiction

episode 5 available now

Rosie Garland

The Astronomical Menagerie

Flash fiction

episode 6 available now

Matt Wilkinson

Hit The North

Spot On Digital Art Commission #1


Elliot Flanagan


Spot On Digital Art Commission #2