What would you sweep your history brush over if you could?

Please be aware this video contains one swear word early on.

Suitable for ages 16+ (Please be aware this video contains one swear word early on)
  • Flash Fiction
  • Stories for adults
  • Storytelling

Further Information

Top Tip for writing Flash Fiction:

“Writing flash-fiction is like building tiny motorbikes. Your stories will be miniature machines you can walk all round, see every moving part all of the time, watch how each part works together with the others. These little motorbikes are your stories – and there’s no hiding place when you write ultra-short.”

Want to build your own tiny motorbikes? Here are a few top tips from David:

  1. Write long, then go short – create a lump of stone from which you chip out your story sculpture
  2. Don’t use too many characters and avoid too much dialogue
  3. When you think you’ve finished, write a paragraph about what happens next – that could end up being your story.

This season of Flash Fiction Shorts is delivered in partnership between Spot On and Lancashire Libraries Reading Friends. Lancashire libraries are working with The Reading Agency to deliver a programme called Reading Friends. This is a nationwide programme developed by The Reading Agency and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. The programme is delivered in partnership with organisations across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.