Spot On relies on volunteers and librarians who have a passion for promoting events for their local community. We find that the most successful venue hosts work closely with the venue committees/staff and are well networked – often they are part of the venue committee or run the local library and can draw on a number of people to assist them in the selling of tickets, marketing and preparation before an event.

Spot On hosts are the first point of contact for the Spot On office staff, the artists and the local audiences. They make the final choice on the show for their venue, they ensure the venue is available, they plan how they will sell their tickets and any additional extras such as arranging a bar, catering for the artists (and sometimes the audience). They also ensure that the artist is paid following the event.

Being a venue host is a very rewarding role; enabling professional arts to be brought into the local community, encouraging exciting and new use of community spaces and developing relationships with local residents. We actively encourage our promoters to see other work being hosted in other Spot On venues and to become active in seeking out new artists for future seasons.

If you are interested in becoming a venue host then get in touch with the Spot On team. We are currently seeking further venues and promoters in Ribble Valley, Fylde and West Lancashire.

You might be interested in knowing more about our policy for working with towns and villages in Lancashire: Spot On Arts Geography Policy