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The Sweet Spot

Fat Roland

A human cannonball who loves puddings… what could possibly go wrong?

Fat Roland brings us the first of our Flash Fiction stories with his delicious tale of cake and cannonballs.

Warning: This piece is made for adult audiences and contains some mild bad language. 

Fat Roland’s Top Tip for writing Flash Fiction:

To make your story feel tighter, colour your text. If you can imagine a sentence as a scene in a movie i.e. direct action with actor movement and camera angles and cool lighting, then colour that sentence in green. Colour any dialogue in yellow. Colour the rest in red. Done colouring? Now see if you can halve the word count of anything in yellow, and consider deleting at least three-quarters of anything coloured in red. And yes, this may involve getting rid of whole red sections, such as lengthy thought processes or exposition. Boo! Down with the red stuff! You may vary the colours, although please avoid puce.

Suitability: Suitable for ages 14+

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