How long can you play a flute using only one breath? 

Kathryn Williams is a flautist, artist, and researcher. Her music focuses on making connections between the instrument and the body. ‘Coming Up for Air’ is a performance about creatively overcoming Kathryn’s experience of a chronic respiratory condition; the project saw her commission over 100 pieces of music, all limited to a single breath.

Expect a unique performance with the audience selecting the content and order of the pieces. Composers include Chaya Czernowin, Oliver Coates, Amber Priestley, Andy Ingamells, Larry Goves, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh, Newton Armstrong, Mary Bellamy, Stephen Chase, Sarah Hennies, Mauricio Pauly, and Brian Ferneyhough. The youngest composer represented is just eight years old!

Find Kathryn in the library between 1pm and 4pm, stay for one performance or linger longer and select a whole concerts-worth!



Suitable for all ages 
  • music
Fri 14 Jun / 1.00pm
Poulton Library

Poulton Library
Blackpool Old Road

Tickets can be purchased online or over the counter at the library.
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Kathryn Williams ‘Coming Up For Air’ – Free

Half Moon Theatre ‘Ten In The Bed’ – £5 per person

Touched Theatre ‘The Library At The Edge of the World’ – Free

The Bookshop Band – £10 per person

OfTheJackel ‘Splat!’ – £5 per person

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