We’ve adapted our season brochure to include craft activities that you can do at home.

‘At Home’ was born out of the recognition that some of our audiences were not in a position to participate with our digital programme and driven by a passion to reach out to those in rural communities who may be isolated during lockdown. We’ve been really excited to develop craft projects you can do at home in collaboration with Hopeful & Glorious and to work alongside Lancashire Library Service to include author interviews and information about the service. (You might also recognise the handiwork of our good friend Cath Ford who has created the front cover images that you can colour in yourself)

Our first magazine went to print in Autumn 2020 and was delivered to 4000 addresses across Lancashire. The second magazine for Summer 2021 saw us working in partnership with Cheshire Rural Touring, producing two variants of At Home and distributing to nearly 10,000 addresses!