We commissioned Beka Haigh of Frolicked Puppet Theatre to create an outdoor performance with Friends of Fairhaven Lake and Fylde Borough Council in 2019. Conference of the Birds toured in Summer/Autumn 2021.

Based on the 12th Century Sufi poem of the same name by Farid ud-Din Attar, the poem follows the perilous journey of all of the birds of the world to find out who is the true master of their fate. Four puppet-based birds will roam the landscape in order to find themselves and each other, eventually coming together as a flock to overcome adversity – all whilst singing in flawless, four part harmony. Conference of the Birds is an idea developed from Frolicked’s existing performance piece, ‘The Birds’ – a mini puppet flash mob of never-seen-before birds who could infiltrate the local habitat and surprise their audiences with gorgeous choral singing.

Part static show, part walkabout, the show involves puppetry along with improvised interaction with outdoor audiences.

For more information about the company and contact for booking: www.frolicked.co.uk