We commissioned actor-musician, Sophia Hatfield, to create a new show with the help of library apprentices and reading hacks across Lancashire.

The tour was hosted by four Spot On venues before going on to tour UK wide, winning Breakthrough Performance of the Year at the Rural Touring Awards in 2019.

‘Common Lore’ was inspired by Angela Carter’s fairy tales, exploring folk tales through the eyes of an 18-year-old young woman called Scarlet. Written in rhyming couplets, but from the mouth of an 18 year old from a Manchester suburb it brought a modern and contemporary twist.

The show was an ambitious solo piece that pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved with one performer. Technology, live projections, live-looped music and physical theatre all performed live on stage by one actor.

We had the opportunity to explore what a show specifically created for library venues could do, technically and theatrically.

Sophia has further information about the show and if you’re interested in potential bookings: www.stutetheatre.co.uk/common-lore