When Will We Be Free by Tinnie

When will we be free? by Tinnie

When will we be free?
Free to see my wonderful grandchildren,
Free to tickle them and hear them laugh,
To stroke their hair, to cuddle and kiss,
To sit them on my knee and read a story,
To hug them when they fall.

When will we be free?
Free to nip into the co-op and ignore the red light,
Free to enter and not count the customers,
To NOT follow the arrows,
To pay with real money,
To get very —close.

When will we be free?
Free to throw our masks away,

Free to see the doctor without phoning first,
To wander in any direction and not leap into the road,
To drive ——-ANYWHERE!
To bump into our friends and say ‘Come in….. have a cuppa’

Will we ever——
Squeeze into the chemists?
Stand up on a busy bus?
Hang on tightly on a busy train?
Cheer for the princess in the pantomime?
(Or boo for the villain?)
Have a party and sing?
Buy a raffle ticket?
Have a coffee with our friends?


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