Autumn 2018

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The Haunted Man

Kindred Theatre


It is Christmas Eve and the past and the present are about to collide.

Jonathan has recently moved into a care home. As his mind deteriorates and reality becomes confused one memory stays strong; a memory of past love and betrayal; the one memory he wishes could be taken away. A present is left for him: A book, an old copy of Dickens’ The Haunted Man. His carer Asha, reading the story aloud, invokes visions of Jonathan’s past life and with them comes a ghostly visitation, a phantom who offers to fulfil his wish through the gift of forgetting. As the book and Jonathan’s life merge, he begins to understand that the phantom’s gift is also a curse. With the help of the chaotic Tetterbys, the Wild-Boy, the gentle Swidgers and a host of other Dickensian characters, Jonathan and Asha set out to find a genuine, lasting peace and learn the true value of memory.

Kindred Theatre’s atmospheric new production of love and loss, frighteners and friendship is a blend of candlelight, shadows, music and theatrical storytelling perfect for a winter evening.​

Suitability: Ages 11+

St Peters Church Hall, Simonstone

Friday 19 October 2018 07:45pm

Tickets: £9 Adults / £6 Children (10% discount for bookings of 10 or more)

To book tickets call Roger on 01200 428742

Doors open at 7:15pm.

Dunsop Bridge Village Hall

Saturday 20 October 2018 07:30pm

Tickets: £8 Each

To book tickets call Janet on 01200 448201

Tea/Coffee and Biscuits available to purchase. Bring your own drinks and glasses.

Isaac Dixon Boat House Fairhaven Lake

Sunday 21 October 2018 07:00pm


Refreshments will be available to purchase

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