Autumn 2018

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Peril At Sea

Up The Road Theatre

‘We’ve been going to sea for generations. It’s in our blood.’

The greatest storm in living memory blasts the English coast. Striving against the howling winds and pounding waves, a lonely boat struggles on. Those left behind wait impatiently, huddled together, isolated and unfamiliar.

As the storm rages, stories, memories, songs and myths tumble out of the night, capturing a life lived on and around the sea.

Join Up The Road Theatre for stories of sailors, submariners, sea rescues, shipwrecks and survival!

Suitability: Suitable for ages 10+

Isaac Dixon Boat House Fairhaven Lake

Friday 22 March 2019 07:00pm

Tickets: £10 Adults / £6 Children (12+)

To book tickets call the box office: 01253 658443

Online booking will be available shortly.

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