Autumn 2018

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Kindness / Things I Say When I Don’t Say I Love You

Sam Brady

Award-winning storyteller and failed Buddhist monk, Sam Brady, performs two one-man shows in a single evening.

Kindness: This funny, uplifting one-man show tells the true story of Sam’s journey from businessman to Buddhist monk to single parent.    

Things I Say When I Don’t Say I Love You: When Tommy is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, his son and grandson agree to help him fulfil his life’s dream to restore a vintage car. But amid stripped engines, rusted metal and frayed tempers, the three men discover that piecing together the past can have unexpected consequences. Directed by Hannah Banister.

Sam’s new show has been developed in a partnership between The Lowry and Spot On Lancashire.

Suitability: Suitable for ages 12+ (Contains swearing)

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