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I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost!

Little Earthquake Theatre

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“It’s 1986; Prince Andrew and Fergie get married in the summer. Dirty Den serves Angie divorce papers on Christmas Day. And I’m sharing my bedroom with a KitKat-pinching ghost.”

Gareth’s bedroom in an ordinary family house in Derby is full of classic ‘stuff’: an army of He-Man figures, some very Hungry Hippos, chart hits captured from the radio on a stack of cassette tapes, and a wardrobe full of interesting fashion choices. But strange things are happening behind closed doors and the disappearance of Dad’s Kit Kat is the final straw.

Aged 8, and inspired by his favourite film, little Gareth became a self-appointed Ghostbuster, and launched an investigation into a playful poltergeist. Now, 30 years later, with the help of family heirlooms, photos, iconic 80s toys, interviews with family members, and real home videos, grown-up Gareth (with the help of fellow performer Philip) is setting out to investigate what was really going on in his supposedly haunted house.

Adults and adventurous teens will love this comic exploration of a childhood haunting, where nothing is quite what it seems — all wrapped up in some formidable fashions, stuffed with sweet treats, and set to a cheese-tastic chart-topping soundtrack.

Winner of Rural Touring Favourite Performance of the Year 2019

Suitability: Suitable for those aged 8+

Aighton, Bailey and Chaigley Memorial Hall, Hurst Green

Wednesday 30 October 2019 07:30pm

Tickets: £8 Adult / £6 Under 18’s

To book call 01254 826898 – all seats unreserved. Online ticketing available soon!

Burnley Library

Thursday 31 October 2019 08:00pm

Tickets: £8 Adult / £6 Under 18’s

To book tickets call in to the library directly or email:
You can contact the library call centre on 0300 1236703 and ask to be connected to Burnley Library (check library opening times)

Doors open at 7.30pm

Bleasdale Parish Hall

Friday 1 November 2019 07:30pm

Tickets: £8 Adult / £6 Under 18’s

To book call 01995 606511 / 643499 – all seats unreserved.

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