Thomas by Marion Sycamore

THOMAS by Marion Sycamore

I am Thomas the cat with a black and white coat. I have one green eye and the other is blue. I will tell you later how I come to have one blue eye!

Christen is the lady I now live with and I absolutely adore her. We live in the countryside and I have a large garden to hunt in. It was not always like this so I had better tell you about my early life. I am getting on a bit now. My earliest memory is with my brothers, sisters and mother. We had the best of everything, a nice comfy bed in a hut, with an outside run where we could play and keep safe. One by one my brothers and sisters seemed to disappear, then it was just mother and I.

I remember mother telling me this story once. She said, “One day I got fed up with always being in this pen, so I decided to escape and run away. When I did, I met this very handsome black and white Tom cat, and for the next few days we had fun together. It did not last long before my owners found me and brought me back here, but what an adventure it was!”

My mother is a Pedigree cat with big blue eyes and her kittens are sold for a lot of money, as she is a prizewinner in the showing world. “But your father is the handsome Tom I met when I got out” she told me, “and my owner was not very pleased about this litter of kittens because they couldn’t be sold as pedigree. But they are kind people and have found good homes. Now, you just remember you are a special kitten,” she said.

It was not long after this talk that I was taken away to stay with a lady who lived in a flat and never went out; I was never allowed to go out either but this was ok. I had all I needed – a clean litter tray, good food, and toys to play with. This lady liked me to jump up on to her knee, and then she would stroke me. But one-day lots of strange people came and went; all was very quiet, and I could not find my lady anywhere. Each day another
lady would come with food. Until one day this lady had a basket with her, then I was caught and put into it. It wasn’t long before I was let out though, into a strange new room. I wander round, find the litter tray, then food, and this is to my liking. After more exploration I find a lady sat by a lovely fire, I stretch out and groom myself. After a while I realise the lady, with a nice soft voice, is inviting me to sit upon her lap, so once more I am happy. Here I am allowed to go out too. I find this great fun, learning new skills like hunting and catching mice and birds. We now have a new lady living here. She stays about a week or so, then will go, and come back again. I soon sort her out, as I discovered it is she who puts my food out, and who opens the door for me when I wish to go out and come in. I have to remind her when it is my feed time as she seems to forget; so I always start to let her know it is coming up about one hour before. Now I’m on the right side of this lady so yesterday I brought in from the garden a present for her, a baby bird. She didn’t really like it though! She was ever so cross with me, and said she “would put a stop to this”. It was soon after this I had a collar put around my neck which had a bell attached to let the birds know I am around. Life is very good here and I am quite happy.

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