Sophia Hatfield: The Merchant, The Donkey & The Salt and A Clean Run

The Merchant, The Donkey & The Salt

Oh Daisy Donkey why so lazy? You know Miles the Wiley Merchant will never let you lie in the sun all day! 

This is a funny fable about Daisy the mischievous donkey who’s always trying to get out of doing her fair share of the work and Miles the greedy Merchant who is always determined to make as much money as he can. Can they teach each other a lesson and find a way to live and work in peace?

Find out in this exclusive storytelling performance from Stute Theatre’s, Sophia Hatfield which comes with an accompanying science experiment you can do at home!


A Clean Run

‘A Clean Run’ describes the elusive experience of going out for a run free from harassment, judgement or ridiculous encounters. Sophia explores the everyday female experience of non-elite women joggers, both positive and negative. 

In this Spot On Story, Sophia describes one woman’s quest to simply ‘go for a run’ with comedy depictions of all the attitudes faced by women who don the lycra and exercise in public.

Directed by Bryn Holding

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