#VillageHallsWeek: Fairhaven Lake Boathouse

Today we hear from one of our more unusual Spot On Venues. The Isaac Dixon Boathouse, which joined us for the first time in Autumn. We love working in unusual spaces, and seeing the possibilities within them, and so far The Boathouse has shaped up to be something really exciting! Find out more about the venue, the promoters and what they have planned…

Time to celebrate another one of our wonderful Community Spaces as part of Village Halls Week (although, admittedly not technically a Village Hall). Fairhaven Lake Boathouse is pretty new to Spot On, but it’s a really exciting venue for us as it’s a really unusual space! Here we hear more from the team that keep the boathouse running.

Who are you and where’s your village hall? (How old is it? Any interesting facts to tell us?)

We are Fylde Borough Council and our village hall is a 1922 boathouse, it’s one of only a few pre-fabricated steel framed buildings built by Isaac Dixon of its era left and was honoured with a blue plaque to recognise its heritage significance.

What type of thing happens in your village hall?

The boathouse is used by the Ribble Cruising club and the Sea Scouts in the summer months for their sailing and water sports activity but has been recently underused in the winter. This is why we were so keen to get involved with Spot On and bring the building to life with more activities. It will soon be refurbished as part of a wider HLF restoration project and be transformed into the new Fairhaven watersports centre.

How long have you been involved with your village hall and how did you get involved?

The council has owned and ran the boathouse since it was built in 1922, but until recently it had its only use. The arts officers within Fylde have seen the potential to open the boathouse up to a range of different activity and are working on a programme of events to ensure it is kept at the heart of Fairhaven.

Why do you think Village Halls are important?

Spaces like the boathouse are hugely important to the local communities, they offer an opportunity for events and activities to be brought to the area to develop audiences and let communities share new experiences. Unfortunately, in these days of constant cutbacks spaces like these are very much use them or lose them. It’s important to make them an integral and essential part of the community so they are kept for generations to come.

Tell us a little bit about how Spot On events happens in your village hall… How long have you been hosting events? What sort of things do you like to host?

We are very new with only hosting one show, but look forward to hosting many more. We look forward to the future of hosting a mixture of family shows as well as more adult themes.

Coming up at Fairhaven Lake Boathouse

The Last Quiz Night on Earth

Thursday 5 March 2020 07:00pm

Tickets: £12 Adult / £8 Child (price includes a pie)

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