The Autumn 2018 season is here!

From new spaces, new writers and new styles of performance we’ve curated a menu to excite, entice and enthrall you all!

We are delighted to bring you a whole host of exciting adventures this Autumn. From a gig for kids during half term to ghostly goings on in a boat house, tales from Africa to stories of the Great War. We see a return of three companies from Canada and we welcome in new writing talent from much closer to home.

Some of the shows are hard to categorise: Are they music? Are they theatre? Are they storytelling / lecture / narration? We’ll leave that for you to decide, but we ask you to be curious and join us for a great night out.

Spot On is working to ensure that events are accessible to all. To ensure your night out with the network is an enjoyable one, please feel free to discuss access needs with either the venue promoter, the scheme manager or visit our website.

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