Spotlight On: Kaveh Rahnama

Here at Spot On one of our main jobs is to bring fantastic artists to Lancashire. Well, that’s been scuppered at the moment! But we’re not an easy bunch to keep down, so we thought, that while we can’t support artists in our usual way, or bring you fantastic shows we’d switch our spotlights from the stage to the web as it were.

This week we are putting the spotlight on Kaveh Rahnama, one of our Spring 2020 artists who should have been coming to Lancashire with his show ‘Nearly There Yet.’ Kaveh is a theatre and circus artist who is full of tips to keep you creative during the lockdown, read on for some inspiration…

1. Who are you and where are you based?

Kaveh Rahnama, London.

2. What do you normally do?

I devise and produce circus theatre shows to tour. These are for a wide variety of audiences and we aim to make everything we produce accessible. Examples of work have been a one-person autobiographical show about circus, race, and parenthood (Home Sweet Home), a very fun fast-paced show about two brothers and their family history recreated through juggling numbers (The Flying Bazazi Brothers), and a highly visual version of Pinocchio for families.

3. What are you doing at the moment? 

This is my first day of actual work. It’s been very difficult as I have a wife on maternity leave and two small children to look after. I am in plans to launch two digital projects though. One storytelling project where I tell different stories at my kitchen table and bring them to life with household objects. Another Bazazi project where the brothers suggest fitness tips, and ways to kill time at home. These include writing letters to family members to find out about their histories and how to use your baby in your daily fitness work out. I’m also going to be collaborating on a project with Mish Weaver on a piece about a bipolar Ringmaster and his difficulties with isolation – both real and imagined.

4. Where can people find you? and @nearlythereyet on Instagram and Facebook

5. What is your top tip for staying creative/inspired/busy while at home? 

Cooking. Coming up with school projects for kids that don’t remotely reflect the curriculum. Write something every day – this is the most important. Allow your mind to wander and think about what you really want to do. Listen to whole albums from start to finish uninterrupted, preferably on vinyl, preferably with a whisky. Find a fitness regime. I’m using a ‘7 minute work out app’ which is ridiculous but keeps my body awake. Speak to people you don’t speak to enough. Don’t think about ‘work’.

You asked for just one. Write a stream of consciousness every day for 5 minutes. Your hand should hurt afterwards. If you need a starting word or phrase do so. Don’t edit or worry about right or wrong, spelling or grammar. The following day, go back to it and pick out any phrases/ words of interest. See what arises!!


Find out more about Kaveh Rahnama:

On FacebookInstagram and on his website.

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