Spot On launches ‘Flash Fiction’ short stories

Following on from our Spot On Stories season we’ve launched Spot On Flash Fiction (just like Spot On Stories except this time they’re even shorter!). We have teamed up with Lancashire Libraries Reading Friends to bring a series of films which will air during April/May to our audiences.

The season launches with Fat Roland’s ‘The Sweet Spot’ – a delicious tale about desserts and a human cannonball named Steven. Future artist contributions from David Gaffney, Tania Hershman, Tom Jenks, Sarah-Clare Conlon and Rosie Garland will make up the season.

The videos will be going live, once a week on Wednesday at 12pm. These videos are aimed at an older audience (one or two have some mild bad language which we will flag up), rather than our previous stories which were aimed at family audiences.

We have also asked each of our artists to share a top tip for writing Flash Fiction, which we will be sharing alongside the film each week. We hope that by sharing top tips it might inspire our audiences to apply the suggestions to their own writing.

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