Spot On Launch New Digital Project – Spot On Stories

Here at Spot On HQ we are always looking for new ways to reach our audiences and showcase some of the amazing artists that we work with from across the UK and beyond. We say that Spot On brings great art to your doorstep. Now we plan to bring it into your home.

Our great friends at Lancashire County Council Library service contacted us, mulling over how best to share stories with their users whilst the libraries were closed and together we came up with what we think will be a great idea: Spot On Stories.

We got in contact straight away with some of the professional performers whose shows we had to cancel due to the current social distancing restrictions. Would they be able to film a five to ten minute ‘story’ for us to share with our audiences and library users across the county? It may be a piece of new writing, an extract from an existing show, a song that tells a tale. 

We sent them some filming requirements. It is amazing what can be achieved on a modern smartphone. Lancashire County Council found us a bit of money so that we can pay a small fee for each film. We’ve created some titles and credits and are currently working out the best way to subtitle them so that they will be accessible for all. 

The plan is that we will publish two a week: one aimed at children and families and one for grown-ups. These pieces, specifically made for Lancashire, will be exclusively available via our website and social media platforms for 30 days – just like iPlayer. After that the copyright reverts to the artist for them to use how they wish. 

We currently have resources for 25 videos – enough for about three months. We hope that this is something we can develop, beyond the current social distancing restrictions. After all, who doesn’t like a story? These are designed to be a great way to spend ten minutes away from the news and stress that our days are becoming filled with. 

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Don’t miss our first Spot On Story, Tuesday 21st April, 3pm!

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