Rabbit Girl Finds Wonder In Lancashire

‘Rabbit Girl and the Search for Wonder’ by 154 Collective was hosted by three very different Spot On venues at the start of the Spring season. The show is a playful, and poignant family performance, inspired by the imagination of 8-year-olds and full of the joy of storytelling, live music and projected animation.

The tour saw Rabbit Girl visiting three Spot On venues: Ormskirk Library, Calder Vale Village Hall and the Isaac Dixon Boat House at Fairhaven Lake. 

The show begins when Rabbit Girl and her dad set off on a camping adventure, where they tell stories of courage, bravery and escapades around a campfire. As the story unfolds children become captivated by the central character of Rabbit Girl, a wooden marionette, which is a puppet controlled from above, using strings. For the Ormskirk Library performance Spot On also had the opportunity to host artist, Lou Sumray, who created a cardboard creatures workshop prior to the show so that woodland creatures of all shapes, sizes and textures could enjoy the show alongside their creators.

Dan Mallaghan, writer and director of Rabbit Girl & The Search for Wonder said: “The show makes you laugh, and smile and hopefully want to hug your loved ones too. There are sad moments, happy moments, silly ones and utterly beautiful ones. The show tells you stories from all around the world and we’ve loved finding more adventures in Lancashire along the way.”

Our audiences had lots of lovely comments to say about the experience:

“A lovely show, what a great atmosphere!”

“What a treat to find this at Fairhaven Lake! Beautiful.”

“The children loved the experience.”

“The quality of the production was very good, and the children loved the experience.”

“Beautiful props and music. We enjoyed it very much. Thank you”

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