Hit The North – Performer Call Out

Calling all Lancastrian Actors, Poets, Performers and folk with broad Lancashire accents. We are looking for multiple speakers to perform a newly commissioned text for the arthouse film – Hit The North by artist Matt J Wilkinson.

Matt is currently travelling the length and breadth of Lancashire via public transport to create poetry inspired by the people he meets and the places he visits. He is keen to explore if accent and dialect is relevant to the identity of 21st century Lancashire; and if language, dialect and accent matter when Lancashire is a county synonymous with diversity and multiculturalism. A key aim of the project is to celebrate the diversity of language within Lancashire.

Requirements for speakers

  1. Be available to attend 1 full day of performing in Blackpool in late August to early September. The one day will include rehearsals in the morning & filming in the afternoon. The recording will be recorded as a monologue but will be made into a dialogue between multiple performers in post production. Rehearsals and filming will be at Abingdon Studios, Blackpool FY1 1DE where Matt has been a studio holder since 2017.
  2. Speakers must live or work in Lancashire
  3. Have a broad Lancashire accent (this can include an accent that was part of Lancashire’s old historical boundaries before changes that occurred in the 1970s – e.g. Bolton accents)
  4. Have an interest and enthusiasm for Lancashire accents & dialect
  5. Be over 18
  6. Be confident performing in front of a camera

Deadline for enquiries – Saturday 24th August

We strongly encourage speakers of all ages, genders, ethnicities and backgrounds to take part in this project to celebrate and explore Lancashire’s diverse and rich wealth of accents and the different types of dialects spoken within the county.


Performers will be paid £150 for one full days shoot (9am – 5pm) and be reimbursed for travel costs to and from Blackpool. Food & refreshments will also be provided throughout the day.

Filming dates


  • Sunday 25th August 
  • Tuesday 27th August 


  • Saturday 7th September 
  • Sunday 8th September 
  • Tuesday 10th September 

If speakers can not attend any of these listed dates, alternative arrangements may be able to be made.

Contact Details

If interested, or if you have any questions, please contact Matt J Wilkinson via email or for an informal chat on the phone (+44) 7541579120.

Download the full details: Hit The North Performer Call Out

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