Hidden Treasures In A World Of Rubbish

An inventive family theatre show, featuring stunning puppetry will travel to two of Lancashire’s libraries in July.

“Recycled Rubbish”, from Theatre Rites, will be performed at Nelson Library on Wednesday 13 July at 6.20pm, followed by a visit to Eccleston Library in Chorley on Thursday 14 July at 6pm. Tickets for the show, which is suitable for ages 5-11, can be booked directly from staff at the respective libraries. For more information call  0300 123 6703.

Children and their families are invited to join two excavators as they scuttle through the muck finding treasures hidden amongst a world of rubbish. A magical world where, at the touch of a puppeteer’s hand, the contents of a bin bag can transform before your very eyes. It’s a beautiful, silly and inventive world.

Theatre Rites are an award-winning theatre company from London and a field leader in the creation of experimental theatre for children. Puppetry is at the heart of every production and the co-designers for the “Recycled Rubbish” puppets are Yvonne Stone and Sue Buckmaster.

Speaking ahead of the shows, the Theatre Rites’ executive producer, Claire Templeton said:

“Recycled Rubbish has been touring London schools, libraries and community spaces since 2014.  We’re delighted that in 2016 we are embarking on our first ever rural tour, visiting venues in Lancashire with a show that brings a dash of magic and puppetry to everyday rubbish.”

More details on the show can be found here.