Dance, Dance… wherever you may be!

Limber up folks! We have an exciting new dance project coming YOUR way!

Spot On Rural Touring is one of eight partners who will be part of ‘Dance Across the North’ – a diverse and energetic programme encouraging townsfolk and villagers to ‘cut loose’ throughout the north of England.

The ambitious scheme will see us working with Balbir Singh Dance Company (BSDC) ( who specialise in fusing north Indian style dancing known as Kathak with Contemporary Dance and live music.

Balbir, whose work featured in the 2012 Cultural Olympiad celebrations with SYNCRONISED, has planned an explosive series of performances and events which will see amateur and professional dancers bursting into life in village greens, halls and libraries in our area, as well as other parts of the rural north.

The year-long scheme, led by our partners at Blaize Community Arts, will include 23 dazzling shows spread across the north including Yorkshire, Northumberland, County Durham, Cumbria, Lancashire, East Riding, Hull, Cheshire and North Lincolnshire.

One of the objectives is to encourage a passion for dance among schoolchildren and young people and Balbir will be planning series of energetic workshops targeting schools and community groups throughout OUR area.

There will also be intimate concerts, (like displays of dance in your very own living room) and ‘flash-mobs’ delivered by the team, exposing northerners to a diverse programme of dance ‘wherever they may be’.

Organisers are keen to reach as wide an audience as possible with dancers weaving their magic through a variety of spontaneous events in small local libraries and mobile library vans all over the countryside.

To ensure we cover as much of the north as possible we will be working hand in hand with other rural touring schemes including, ArtERY Live in East Riding, LiveLincs in North Lincolnshire, Cheshire Rural Touring Arts, Highlights Rural Touring in Cumbria, Durham and Northumberland and Arts Out West in West Cumbria as well as Get Moving, Yorkshire.

The partners will be joining forces to reach new audiences in some of the country’s most remote and difficult to reach places, exposing them to vibrant live performances in everyday settings.

Spot On Scheme Manager Sue Robinson said: “We want to reach people from all walks of life and show them just how much fun dancing can be. One day you might find dancers in a public space like the village green or your local supermarket, the next you might be invited to a house concert. It’s all very exciting.”

As part of their commitment to fledgling artists, the team has also agreed to mentor and encourage students of the art-form to take part in all aspects of the programme; from performance to coordinating and running workshops, and forming the ‘flash-mobs’ planned for a variety of venues.

Sue said: “Our ambition is to plant seeds for the future, by engaging with new audiences and encouraging those interested in a career in dance by signposting them to other opportunities.”

The entire project kicked off in West Yorkshire earlier this week (November) and will come to our area in 2016. Watch this space!