The Spot On Teams Season Highlights: Creative Producer Stephie


As we count down to the first show of Autumn we’re asking the Spot On team which shows they’re most looking forward to this season – and getting to know who they are and what they do a bit better! This week we hear from our Creative Producer Stephie.

1. Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Stephie and I am the Creative Producer for Spot On. I look after all the social media and help out with special projects and shows. I’m like ‘Special Ops’ I get called in to help with very specific tasks!


2. Which show are you most looking forward to and why?

I’m really looking forward to John Osborne Circled In the Radio Times. I had it on my Edinburgh ‘to see’ list the other year but didn’t make it, so it’s fantastic that now it’s coming to Lancashire. I’m also excited because it is the first of our Inn Crowd shows – which is a project putting work in pubs!


3.If somebody has never been to a rural touring show before why should they take a chance?

Because it’s always a great night out! For me, the social part of rural touring is what makes it really special. It’s not like going to a theatre where you sit in the dark, watch a show and leave at the end. Socialising is intrinsically built in, whether it’s buying raffle tickets or staying at the end to have a drink with the artists, watching the show is only part of the night out!

Circled in the Radio Times comes to Lancashire Saturday 6thOctober,
to find out when, where and how much click here.

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