In the corner of an undiscovered cafe

During lockdown I’ve often pictured in my mind,
A perfect café that I’m determined to find.
When shops are re-opened and the virus is tamed,
I’ll find the café that my mind clearly framed.
Mine host will be jolly and stout – never thin
Who’ll welcome each diner as she would her own kin.
The moment you enter through the tinkling door
There’ll be laughter and chatter, not the drone of a bore.
Old friends will gather, young lovers will meet
To drink freshly ground coffee or tea hot and sweet.
Daily papers neatly folded in a polished wooden holder,
The menu presented in an embossed leather folder.
Welcoming waitresses attending to customers wishes
Tidying tables and reciting the day’s special dishes.
Currant teacakes toasted to a light golden tan,
Freshly baked scones served with cream and fruit jam.
Discovering such a haven is more difficult than it seems,
Its existence, perhaps, the mere yearning of my dreams.
But if ever you’re a visitor to a village or a town,
Step into a welcoming café and gently ease yourself down.
Look around – look in the corner – that stranger may be me,
Come over – introduce yourself – and we’ll celebrate being free.

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