Horse + Bamboo’s Cardboard Zoo by Thomas Daniel Byrne

Hello there everyone. Gather round, for the Cardboard Zoo is coming to town!

After returning from his globetrotting expedition to the oldest and coldest depths of Antarctica, Tom, the eccentric leader of the Cardboard Zoo, is ready to unveil his latest discovery. 

Prepare to see… with your very own eyes… the rare, the wonderful…  ‘Shlugwin’….

Haven’t you heard of a Shlugwin? It’s a very rare creature, one you might not find in any ordinary zoo, but this naughty Shlugwin doesn’t seem to want to be put on display! Shlugwins are masters of hide and seek, so we’ll need your help to find her. Grab your binoculars and come along on a highly visual journey through the great outdoors.

If you’d like to submit your creature to be entered into the Horse + Bamboo Cardboard Zoo database, and for a chance to have it shared by Spot On Lancashire in the future, please send a picture of your drawing to with your name, your creature’s name and any fun facts you’ve come up with about it!

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