Deep Peace

Under a blue and cloudless sky lit by radiant sunshine,
I stood and gazed in awe at the beautiful sight before me.
A woodland park is the setting for this perfection that at this moment is mine,
My thoughts are in heaven, with a feeling of contentment and a sense of deep peace.
As I look up to the sky of sapphire blue and that sky looks down on me……
It is like a protective blanket of silk interspersed with the branches of every different tree.
Oak trees, ash trees, birch and beech, evergreen such as larch and pine and the stately sycamore.
Birdsong from the nests in the spreading chestnut trees, hidden by the candle blossom, a robin sings
Sitting on a branch above my head, sits an elegant blackbird trying to make up his mind whether to
fly back to his nest or sing to me an encore, flapping his long tail as he opens his yellow bill.
Then came the sound of the choral enchantment, starting with a solo from the robin’s trill.
Across the pond, two little boys are riding their bicycles along the pathway, under a rocky outcrop,
And close by, a little girl crouches at the water’s edge to feed a variety of feathered friends…….
When Whoops! Down swoops a seagull and chases the birds around the pond.
A man comes along with his little white dog, and stop to look at their reflections in the water-
Not far from me a magpie preens its black and white feathers and then “joyfully” another one
I feel a sense of wonder as I look around me and catch a glimpse of a bushy tail….
As a small red squirrel scampers up an old oak tree…. Then swiftly jumps into another tree.
It obviously was not scared of me!
I close my eyes, feeling deep emotion, I recollect my lifetime… how wonderful it has been-
This morning is the icing on the cake!
I have been married for almost 63 years, with a kind and gentle husband and
Brilliant children and grandchildren and also many, many friends throughout the years.

I have been fortunate to travel around this wonderful world- North to Canada and Alaska,
South to Australia and New Zealand, East to Hong Kong and Singapore and also West to the
Caribbean and to many of the United States.
Of seeing the likes of Richard Burton as Hamlet when I was just sixteen, and the Three Tenors in Wembley Stadium, both, such highlights in my life. One does not, however, have all this pleasure
without pain.
We lost our only son at the age of …….just eighteen.
I open my eyes and look again at the scene,
Birds and animals, to name just a few, plants such as flowers, shrubs, trees and grass,
And also the insects such as butterflies and bees.
“……and I think to myself: “What a Wonderful World!”

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