Covid-ode Weeks 41 and counting


A Happy and Healthy New Year to you all, hoping your Christmas went well
I gather some parcels are still ‘in the post’, but precisely where they can’t tell
BUT because Carol’s present was delivered so late
The Suppliers have sent her a duplicate
The snow and ice look very nice when looking through the window
But it’s bitterly cold when you go out and those North Easters blow
The Beast from the East is on his way to add to all our troubles
And now we’re all in Tier 4 which completely bursts our bubble

To cheer ourselves we thought we’d go to see the murmuration
Of thousands of starlings in the sky, but talk about frustration
We spotted some small groups of birds which flew out of the woods
To join up altogether, we thought, “this promises to be good”
Imagine then the dismay and our feeling of rejection
When those flaming birds then flew off in the opposite direction

Back to normal shopping now, or so I thought, guess what?
No eggs and no bananas they’d sold the flipping lot
No problems getting toilet rolls, the panic must be over
But whilst chatting to a pharmacist a strange fact I did discover
He’d just received a message a world shortage has occurred
Of a popular make of laxative, now isn’t that absurd\/
We’ve all been moved to Tier 5, not my choice of destination
And now we’re waiting in the queue for the Covid vaccination


We’ve had some lovely walks this week the scenery was fantastic
The snowy hills and sunsets make you feel enthusiastic
Along then came the frost which made the pavements really dicey
The temperatures below zero and the canal completely icey
The towpath attracts dog lovers, hikers, cyclists too
And also it would seem a place for dumping doggy poo
Bags of it thrown on the ice, it really is a sin
Is it really too much trouble to throw it in the bin?

The paths along the shore are getting wider every day
Worn away by all the crowds who come to see the Bay
Thermos flasks are back in fashion, picnic baskets too
Friends chat, carefully distanced, well, what else is there to do
But now I feel obliged to give you all a word of warning
This is true, I read it in the newspaper this morning
Two close friends in their own cars drove 5 miles to meet
On a lakeside car park , it would be a special treat
They both parked very carefully, left 2 spaces in between
As they stepped out, imagine this, a terrifying scene
A squad of policemen rolled right up, the girls were both surrounded
“You’ve gone too far, must pay a fine”, Are you, like me, astounded?

We are going for our vaccines, we received a text today
To Lancaster University, and I really have to say
The booking was so easy, plenty of choice and all online
What more could you ask for during this chaotic time
The NHS are crying out for help with vaccinations
But volunteers are experiencing serious frustration
Hours and hours of study, stacks of forms to be completed
Unrelated questions and red tape leaves them defeated
Someone who has qualified still awaits the call
Precious time is wasted in the fight to help us all
Now, on a more light -hearted note, I read in The Telegraph
An 83 year old lady, (well you really have to laugh)
Was asked if she was pregnant before being given the vaccine
But I suppose that all the questions are just part of the routine


Now here is my confession for all Covid Ode fans
For the next 7 days I am making my plans
Documentaries will be taking up much of my time
But in view of restrictions it is not such a crime
Here is my schedule for the week yet to come
But it might seem a little bit boring for some
“Escape to the Country” and “Escape to the Sun”
“Escape to the Chateau” and when that is done
“Grand Designs” and “Building the Dream”
Not always as easy as it might seem

“Inside the Ritz “and the “Savoy Hotel”
The luxury and grandeur might help to dispel
The gloom and despair of the updates each day
When will they have something cheerful to say?
Now onto some programmes to avoid like the plague
Please pardon the pun, if offence I have made
“24 Hours in A and E”, “Nightmare next Door Neighbours”
“One Born every Minute” watching women during labour!!!?
“Doctor Pimple Popper”, I should give that one a miss
“Embarrassing Bodies“, yet another on the list
Moving on to things more positive the coming weeks should bring
Days that are much lighter and the welcome signs of Spring
Snowdrops already blooming and daffs not far behind
Temperatures warmer, not of the Arctic kind
Bring on the vaccinations, a ray of hope for you and me
And hopefully a quick return to how life used to be


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