All The Same by Mary Hodges

Every day is now the same
Once it wasn’t so.
Every day was different
With places I would go:
On Monday if it wasn’t wet
I’d catch the bus to town
I’d wander round the larger shops
And have a nice sit-down
In park or square or café
A cup of tea and then
I’d take out my bus pass
To go back home again.
On Tuesday I would meet my friends,
A group who come on bikes.
We’ve got our favourite cafe
That everybody likes.
Wednesday’s coffee morning
Meets in the warm church hall.
I find out all the latest news
Of people great and small.
Thursday is our market day
And if the weather’s fine
I’ll go round all the market stalls
Down Main Street in a line.
We’ve a book group in the library
There’s poetry, scrabble too.
I’ve never till this Lockdown
Been stuck for things to do.
We’re told we’re not to venture out
Unless we walk alone
The only things that save me
Are my i-pad and my phone!

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