Library Touring Performance Commission

As part of our Strategic Touring Libraries project, we put out a commission to develop work to a showcase stage for libraries- specific piece of performing arts. This commission was available to north west based artists and companies. We had 42 applications. A shortlist of five were invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of library promoters supported by Culturapedia.

The successful company was Stute Theatre who pitched a show based on revisiting old folk tales for young people aged 16 to 25. Rehearsal space was provided at Accrington Library and the show was developed in conversation with a group of ‘reading hacks’ in Accrington and a group of library service apprentices. It was showcased to an invited audience in Longton Library to much acclaim. Following this Stute has been awarded Grant for the Arts development money, developed a production partnership with Northern Broadsides, and is about to tour a refined show in Autumn 2018. It will be visiting three Lancashire libraries as part of that tour.

“Meet Scarlet, waiting for the bus… again. On the way to visit her Nan, she reinvents the childhood stories she knows so well, and finally discovers her future path, in her own unique way.”

An inventive, fast-paced fusion of theatre, spoken word,projections and live electronic music, performed by one young woman (and her mobile phone)! Fairy tales and modern life collide in this exciting new show, suitable for children aged 11+ and adults.

‘Common Lore’ is a flexible touring one-woman show featuring live-looped electronic music, original songs, projections & fast paced theatre.

It’s perfect for non-theatre spaces including libraries, classrooms and community centres and has no blackout requirements. It also works well in small theatre and studio spaces. Accompanying workshops, post-show discussions and post-show pizza gatherings available.

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