About Us

What is Spot On?

Spot On is Lancashire’s touring network. Developed over 20 years by a professional team, the network consists of volunteers and community promoters (350 at last count) who host high quality professional arts events in their local community venues (approx 50 venues per year). These promoters are enthusiastic people who love the arts and who want to bring high quality live arts performances to their community. They share the same passion of wanting to give everyone the chance of a good night out on their doorstep and like an arts centre, an audience can choose to see dance, music, theatre, storytelling and children’s shows. We promote about 50 shows a year in villages and libraries across Lancashire, from Arkholme to Aughton and from the coast to the moors.

Who manages Spot On?

Spot On is managed by a small independent arts company, Culturapedia who, in partnership with Cheshire Rural Touring Arts, form the Cheshire Lancashire Touring Partnership and are part of Arts Council England’s national portfolio.

Sounds unusual. Is it unique?

Spot On is one of 30 similar services across the UK. Each one is slightly different in style, but they all work by allowing communities to select and host live theatre (and music, dance, puppetry, literature, comedy and film!). However, the model of rural and community touring is distinctive and brings its own rewards and challenges.

Spot On is a member of a national organisation, the National Rural Touring Forum (NRTF), which advocates for and supports rural and community touring. The NRTF is funded by the Arts Council.



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