Black Liver: A Dog Named Grim and Guest Again

A Dog Named Grim

Just what did happen to Amos Black that fateful day in Great Little Pumpton?

A Dog Named Grim is a short story based loosely on Lancashire folklore with country and western style songwriting. It’s a silly cautionary tale, told with music and humour.

Amos Black is a man with a hunger for dirty deeds and bad puns. He meets Grim, guardian of the local library and a wise sage in this tale. Beware the pies, taste the superstition and savour the colloquialisms.

Look out for further performances by Black Liver and Ruth Cockburn, our latest commissioned artist for our Great Harwood Library project.

Suitable for ages 10+

Guest Again

A spoilt boy called Julian is on holiday with his family in Blackpool. Little does he know that the Asphodel Meadows B&B is enchanted. The Landlady warns him to be careful but does he listen? Will it turn out to be the best family holiday ever? What does Blackpool have in store for him?

A cautionary tale from comedy duo, Black Liver, as we head into the Summer holidays. Be careful what you wish for.

This show was commissioned by donations from Spot On Stories audiences.


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