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The Little Love Cabaret

Spiltmilk Dance

Packed with passion, The Little Love Cabaret is a scrapbook of real-life love stories collected from contributors aged 2 – 92 across the country. Ultimate heart throbs, full-on obsessions, awkward mixed up emotions combine in a heart-warming, fun-filled, and at times completely absurd cabaret reminding us of the lengths we will go to for the things we love.

Gather round tables, pour drinks and get lost in the whirlwind romance of this cabaret night like no other.

Somewhere between a sketch show, dance performance, confessional and a gushing love letter, join Spiltmilk Dance and some special guests to rejoice in all the things that make life brilliant!

Described as “Dance but not dance…like hiding vegetables in kids’ food”, Spiltmilk Dance have been sticking a big fat ray of sunshine into contemporary dance since 2006.

This show has been supported in a partnership between Spot On Lancashire and the Rural Touring Dance Initiative

The Little Love Cabaret Trailer from spiltmilk dance on Vimeo.

Suitable for ages 12+