Quarantine presents: “The Soldier’s Song”


26 October – 7th November at Morecambe Library

“A remarkable theatre company that has created a body of beautiful, fragile and authentic work, which finds the extraordinary in the ordinary lives of real people.”

The Guardian

The Soldier’s Song invites you to duet with a soldier.

Enter our karaoke video booth, choose from a track list of 8 possible encounters and share a song with someone who might fight in our name.

The Soldier’s Song is an installation made with and about currently serving soldiers. Developed over an 18-month period of conversation and questions, it challenges our preconceptions about soldiers and asks us to consider our connection with them.

A simple, quietly provocative piece that asks us whether we’re willing to remain an audience…

“This piece is typical of Quarantine’s potent intermixing of theatre and real world contingency. Yes, the idea might be simple, but it also nudges aside ideas about the temperament of soldiers”
 The Guardian

Quarantine makes theatre, performance and other public events in the UK and internationally. The Soldier’s Song is presented at Morecambe Library in partnership with Spot On Lancashire and is part of a larger project by Quarantine, taking art to new people and places, as part of Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring programme.

The Soldier’s Song was originally commissioned by Leeds Studio Met with support from Live at LICA (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts)

The Soldier’s Song

26 October – 7th November

Morecambe Library, Central Drive, Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 5DL

Groups welcome – please contact Sarah on sarah@qtine.com to arrange a group visit.

Website: www.qtine.com

Twitter: @QtineMcr | #singwithasoldier

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