Promoter Review: “Lost In Blue”, Debs Newbold

Promoter for Fraser Hall in Cowan Bridge, Keith Hyde, reviews Deb Newbold’s “Lost In Blue”

The audience at Fraser Hall on 11 March had a fascinating and enriching evening as Debs Newbold, in her one woman show, used music, sound and visual imagery to create the scene in our minds of a family travelling to meet up at their old family home after fifteen years. She then completely engaged us, imaginatively telling us of the history behind the present relationships with David that his daughter, his sister and his wife have developed over the last 15 years.

David is in a coma after an accident. We watch as his daughter comes to know her father and the struggles she faces confronted by her Mother’s and Aunt’s fixed behaviours and beliefs. Opposite the family lives an observant pigeon fancier nerd who challenges the fixed attitudes of the family as he cares and loves his pigeons, reflecting on their freedom, their homing instincts and how they continue to be loved and special though no longer able to fly.

Despite addressing such traumatic experiences and feelings, the evening was an engaging, uplifting and exciting experience. The potential creativity of humans facing the impossible emerged in the humour; the challenges of growing up and facing reality were finally confronted; the potential of art to express emotion, enable one to move on from the past and find a way forward emerged. We were invited to question and wonder what is happening in the mind and brain of David while he is comatose. This is storytelling lifted to a new level by the talented Debs Newbold, demonstrating the potential of the medium to enable our fundamental narratives to change.

Thank you to Spot On rural touring.

Keith Hyde.

To find out more about Debs Newbold and dates for her show “Lost In Blue”, visit her website.