Physical theatre tells the story of Cain and Abel

A brand new piece of theatre, retracing the steps of “the world’s first murderer”, will travel to two Lancashire venues in May.

“Origins” from Animikii Theatre and developed by The Lowry, Salford will visit Barnoldswick and Blackburn at the beginning of next month.

The show will first be performed at The Rainhall Centre, Barnoldswick on Friday 6 May at 7pm, followed by a performance at The Bureau, Blackburn on Saturday 7 May at 7.30pm. Tickets for the shows can be booked by calling 01282 345200 for Barnoldswick and 07845 964802 for Blackburn.

Based on the story of Cain and Abel, Origins” follows the world’s first murderer as he confronts life’s most primeval questions: faith, death and immortality.

After murdering his brother, in cold blood, we meet Cain living out his life exiled from his homeland. Afflicted by his memories and haunted by figures from the past, Cain must now retrace his steps back to Eden in pursuit of answers.

“Origins” is a psychological thriller that plunges into the heart of darkness where movement, sound and rhythm fuse to create a physically pulsating stage adventure. In this epic journey through Cain’s world of exile, we voyage into landscapes of both dream and reality.

Encompassing Animikii Theatre’s own company-developed style of multiple movement languages, acrobatics and combat, “Origins” threatens to spill action out into the laps of audiences, offering a sensorial and cinematic experience.

The show features Manchester-based actor, and co-artistic director of Animikii Theatre, Adam Davies as Abel alongside London-based actor, Charles Sandford as Cain.

The story of Cain and Abel features in Christian, Jewish and Muslim teachings. Speaking ahead of the tour, Davies said:

“We knew we wanted to tackle themes of beginnings and brotherhood, as we couldn’t escape that we were two men on stage.  We used Cain & Abel as a template to research more narrative possibilities. The story of Cain & Abel from the Bible stuck with us and we knew that it would allow us to make a show that would be well known and integral when touring to rural audiences. We knew that touring physical theatre with a strong narrative and building a dynamic world around Cain and his journey through exile with the label of ‘the first murderer’ would be exciting.”

In 2015 Animikii Theatre began “Origins” with a scratch performance at Physical Fest in Liverpool. Doing detailed training and rehearsals with producing partners The Lowry, Cheshire Rural Touring Arts, Spot On Lancashire, and Arts Council England since then. “Origins” is a “Developed With The Lowry” production and premieres in The Studio at The Lowry on Thu 28 & Fri 29 April.