Music of Zimbabwe bringing sunshine to Lancashire

A six-piece fusion band playing music from the heart of Zimbabwe are bringing their tour to rural Lancashire in April.

The Anna Mudeka Band will perform their show “Dendende” at Tockholes Village Hall on Friday 8 April at 7pm followed by Melling Village Institute on Saturday 9 April at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available directly from the venues and can be booked by calling 07889 105969 for Tockholes or 015242 22225 for Melling.

The Anna Mudeka Band is a six-piece band playing a fusion of music driven from the mbira music of Zimbabwe. The mbira is a traditional African instrument, described as a “thumb piano”. The band’s sound is simply known as “sunshine music” by their followers. It’s refreshing and original, led by Anna Mudeka, singer, dancer and mbira player.

The band comprise: Mudeka (lead vocals, mbira and dancer), Glynnis Masuku (backing vocals, hosho (shakers) and dancer), Joe Button (guitar), Tom Eagle (drums), Justin Illingsworth (bass) and Jose Ferrera (congas).

Their music is rocky, funky, reggae and African all at the same time. Mudeka and Masuku offer powerful harmonies with wild dance moves, which send their audience into a crazy dance frenzy wherever they perform. This, matched with the lead guitar’s riffs, a six string bass played with attitude and a driving drum beat with Cuban influenced congas, makes this band one of the must see on the world music scene.

The name of the show, “Dendende” is the title of their most recent album, which was released last year and means “ground bee” in the language of the Shona people, native to Zimbabwe.

Speaking ahead of the Lancashire dates, Anna Mudeka said:

“All i can say is prepare to dance and sing and let your soul rise as the rhythms of our sunshine music course through your veins. This show is like no other, it speaks the human language to all generations and nationalities! Don’t miss out and bring the family too!”

Further ticket information can be found here.