Theatre and war come together in perfect harmony

We’ve had three nights of Dorothy’s War by the Harmonettes so far on Spot On but don’t worry, you’ve not missed it, we’ve got one more night to come in a couple of weeks at Samlesbury War Memorial Hall.

I saw it along with a packed house at Bleasdale Parish Hall. It’s one of our venues that’s incredibly remote but with an active and enthusiastic community. When our promoter, Joan, said that there were 90 coming I looked around, bemused as to where they were coming from. I needn’t have worried – come they did.

The show itself is set just after the WW1. The local lady of the manor, a suffragist and do-gooder has organised, with the help of the local school teacher, a ‘Pageant for Peace’. We are the audience for songs, monologues and three surprise ‘speciality acts’. We flashback to another story – that of Dorothy, a poor but ambitious journalist during the war who sets off to the front to tell the real story of the troops in the trenches.

The show is filled with period songs in two or three part harmony. There is plenty to laugh at and some that bring a tear to the eye. The audience don’t escape the action.

This is a cleverly constructed show that combines two stories that we know by the end will collide. The singing is great and the atmosphere was intimate, ideally suiting the period Bleasdale Parish Hall.

The Bleasdale audience lapped it up – enjoying every twist and song. They left wanting more, having had a great night out on their doorstep.

The Harmonettes will be back for one last performance of Dorothy’s War on April 19 at Samlesbury War Memorial Hall. Call 01772 877248 for tickets.