Halton audiences invited to The Last Supper

Audiences in Halton will be invited to dinner as part of a performance piece, coming to the village in June.

“The Last Supper”, from company Reckless Sleepers, will visit Halton Mill on Sunday 25 June at 8pm. Tickets for the performance, which is suitable for ages 18+, can be purchased directly from the venue by calling either 01524 289295 or 07890728094. They can also be booked online here

“The Last Supper” is a performance piece where Reckless Sleepers invite you to dinner, to eat and drink with them while they tell (and then eat) the last words of the famous, the not so famous, criminals, victims, heroes, heroines and stars.

It features real scenarios, invented scenarios, scenarios in the future and scenarios in the past. Each audience member is given a table number, their case number, their incident number. Thirteen of these are last suppers.

The show forms part of Spot On Lancashire’s spring season of touring, which brings professional theatre, dance, music and family shows to rural venues across the county.

Speaking ahead of the show, Reckless Sleepers’ Mole Wetherell said:

‘The chance to present “The Last Supper” in village halls opens the door for new audiences and new context for the work. It has always been a challenge to get to present our work in the UK, many places seem to have a fear of what it is they think that we do, or a prejudice about our work, or a preconceived idea about what our audiences will like.

‘We’ve blown this out of the window, we’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter where we present the work; from big cities to small villages the work remains the same in essence…the spaces and locations different, but the audiences are pretty much the same, still inquisitive, always wanting to talk to us afterwards, pretty consistently going for a drink with us in a local bar to continue the conversation.

For more information on the show and ticket details, or to find out more about Spot On, visit www.spotonlancashire.co.uk. Alternatively, contact Sue Robinson by emailing hello@spotonlancashire.co.uk or calling 01254 660 360.